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Play Rehearsal

3:30-5:00 pm-Dance
6:00-8:30 pm

Play Rehearsals: 2:30-4pm-Music

3/4/15 -
Jazz Band 6-8:30pm

Indoor Guard
4-6:00pm Smith Sch

Play Rehearsals: 2:30-4pm Music
6-8:30pm Stage
Indoor Guard
6-8:30pm BCHS

Play Run Through
9am-12 noon

Indoor Guard 1st Competition ! 12-2:00pm BCHS

Play Full Music Rehearsal: 

Jazz Band NJ State Preliminaries @ Steinert HS 3-7pm

Play Rehearsal  6pm

Play Full Dress Rehearsal 5-9pm

Play  5-9:30pm

Play Opening Night

Play Performance

Concert Band 6-7:30
Jazz Band7:30-8:30

Play  5-9:30pm

Play Opening Night

Play Performance

Concert Band 6-7:30
Jazz Band7:30-8:30

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Welcome to the Homepage of the

Burlington City High School
"Blue Devil"

Music Department

You will find helpful information for the activities, ensembles and organizations of our program.

Contact / email: dmay@burlington-nj.net

We only have 3 entries in the Raffle Basket event for the Play. Contact Mr. May with your entry ASAP.

The Burlington City
HS Music Department

Burlington City H.S. Auditorium

March 13th, 14th,  20th and 21st, 2015

7:00 pm

Tickets:  Students (5 yrs old and up)/ Seniors  -  $7    
Adults - $10


the spring trip to New York City heritage Festival Has Been Canceled
Cash DepositS will be returned upon request or remain on deposit in the student accounts for future trips or camp.

Below is a list of areas where the Music Boosters organization has opportunities to help out the program RIGHT AWAY:

Small Construction/Maintenance/Repair:

  1. There are a few small construction projects we need to get done. If you have some basic carpentry skills for shelving and storage projects, then we've got some projects for you. Our storage sheds, our equipment trailer and equipment bus all need some re-working or initial installations of their  storage systems. We supply the resources, you supply the know how and time.

  2. Our equipment trailers and equipment bus need regular maintenance. Regular check-ups and maintenance attention (paint,tires,wiring,grease,) again... We supply the necessities you supply the time.                                                                                
  3. Our equipment trailers and equipment bus need regular maintenance. Regular check-ups and maintenance attention (paint,tires,wiring,grease,) again... We supply the necessities you supply the time.

Music Boosters' SCHOOL STORE Manager:
  1. This position is VERY IMPORTANT to our organization and involves overseeing and setting up a crew who will run and maintain the school store at BCHS.
  2. The Music Boosters have financed and operated the school store at BCHS for over 15 years. The SCHOOL STORE coordinator role involves having an adult at the school store from 2:25pm to 3:00 pm each day after school.  
  3. The Booster store manager will need to schedule ADULT volunteers to fill the 35 minute time slot each day, as well as setting up schedules for our music students, who will work at the store manning the window and handling sales each day. 
  4. The Manager will also need to oversee/manage inventory at the store along with reporting to the BCHSBBA monthly accounting reports.
  5. This position can also explore creating "NEW" marketing ideas and  "NEW" retail item ideas including clothing, classroom and school spirit products

Memorial Day Parade Trophy Float Designers:
  1. This involves a crew who take care of designing and assembling a trophy float using one of our small flatbed trailers for the Memorial Day Weekend Parades. Also setting up someone to pull the trailer in the parades.

Parade Water Brigade:

Music Booster Fundraising:

  1. Coordinate larger scale Music Booster fundraisers.                 Work on specific larger scale fundraising activities including:                TAILGATE AUCTION  -  SILENT AUCTION                                               LARGE SCALE RAFFLES                                                                50 / 50 SALES AT ALL MUSIC EVENTS                                             WALL OF FAME INDUCTION & RECEPTION                                                                                                                     

  1. Involves coordinating a team of volunteers (4-6) to walk along the parades passing out water and keeping the members hydrated.
  2. Set up Water Jugs or Coolers, water bottles & ice before parades.
  3. Arrange for Wagons, Golf Carts or Trailer to transport water/coolers through the parades
  4. Volunteers should be dressed in relative uniformity for these events- Khaki Shorts/Pants and BCHS Music Booster Shirt.


Student Fundraising:

  1. Coordinate distribution/collection of student fundraisers.        Attend specific rehearsals to distribute or collect and also remind students about fundraisers. We will have a set of fundraising activities in place, all you have to do is:                                                                    - set up the fundraiser information to be distributed to the students.    This includes how the fundraiser will run, the dates it is running for, and where and when to turn in their orders and funds when it is over.              You can coordinate these things with Mr. May.                                                
  2. Coordinate Raffle Fundraisers with student members and keep track of the student ticket distribution. collection & sales.

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